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100 Getting Pregnant Tips

Before even thinking of getting pregnant, you should recognize the fact that raising a child is a huge responsibility. Aside from that, there are also things that you may have to give up for it. Thus, prior to getting pregnant, you must have the commitment and the discipline to go through it properly so that

Easy Tips for Saving Your Marriage

Have you ever heard of the “sanctity” of marriage, and wondered what it was? What is that anyway? I mean, it is a nice word, but not one that you can easily pronounce, or remember for that matter, eh? How about you think of marriage as “sacred” instead. The term sacred connotes something you want to protect, something

Bully Buster Guide

This behavioral pattern is very negative and usually causes a lot of problems for the one on the receiving end of the bully’s target. This distinctive pattern of deliberately trying to harm or humiliate others is the main characteristics of a bully. These actions of intimidation allow the bully to always be a position to

Baby Shower Guide

There’s an ongoing debate – that can actually become quite emotional and vocal – that tried to determine whether or not a relative should throw the baby shower. Traditionally, the view has been that a relative should not throw a baby shower because it can appear that the relative is requesting gifts. Yet traditions change,