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A Guide to Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where the level of blood glucose (sugar in the blood) is persistently raised above the normal range because the body doesn’t properly use or produce insulin. When we eat, our food is broken down and some of it is turned into glucose. When the glucose level in the blood rises, the

The 7 Tips to Creating a Sizzling Sensual Massage Experience

Unleash the Power of Touch TODAY and experience more intense pleasure, deeper intimacy, less stress, core relaxation and increased energy levels. We all want to relax, and we all want to find ways to help us relax. That can be through sitting in a hot tub, enjoying a movie, or it can be through a sensual

Cystic Fibrosis: Diagnosis and Management

Cystic fibrosis is a multi-system genetic disorder affecting the lungs, pancreas, liver and intestine. It can have a significant impact on life expectancy and quality of life. By making robust recommendations based on the available evidence and best practice in cystic fibrosis care, this guideline will help improve care for this highly complex condition. Download

Bodybuilding Naturally

While for many people who are not into bodybuilding, the whole idea is probably something of a mystery, there are millions of individuals all over the world for whom bodybuilding is a major part of their lives. In short, bodybuilding is the process of adding extra muscle mass to the body by extensive working out

Nutrition for Kids

Essential nutrients for children all parents should know. Children today are more likely to consume foods that are delicious rather than nutritious, and most foods that come under the delicious category are usually either highly sweetened or salted, either way the delicious choice is not good for the child at all. Get all the info

Living Gluten Free

A Beginners Guide That Will Reveal How Living Gluten Free Can Help You Lose Weight Today! This is not a fad diet, or short term weight loss program that sometimes makes you worse off than before you started. This is a necessity for some people and is prescribed to 1 out of every 100 people

10 Ultimate Body Transformation Secrets

Old School New Body’s 10 Ultimate Body Transformation Secrets was written to help you achieve a lean, healthy muscular body, a more youthful appearance and a happier, sexier disposition with sensible tips and strategies. So many people want and need a physical makeover—a total-body transformation. And so many people have made resolutions to make it happen. But the usual

Alleviating Pain The Natural Way

There are several definitions of pain. We all have to deal with pain at one time or another. Pain is relative to a person’s perceptions and experiences of what pain means to them. Everyone has a different tolerance threshold to pain. What may be extreme pain to one person may not be to another. Download

Crystal Healing

We all hear the word crystals. The word Crystal is used in reference to a type of jewelry for healing purposes, for spiritual purposes and for decoration. So, based on how the word is used, one would safely assume that crystals are used for many different purposes. So, with that in mind, what is a crystal, actually? Well, crystals

40 Cures For Hangovers

Okay, so you had fun with your friends last night and drank a bucketful of alcohol. However, this morning you found it hard to wake, your head was pounding like a pneumatic drill and you were feeling more than a little nauseous. The term ‘hangover’ may not be familiar to everyone, but for many of us, it’s