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Leaving I Behind By K. C. Boone, MSFE

The most dramatic step toward God is when the person chooses to leave the self behind and join completely with the All. In book five of God’s teachings, He demonstrates that we are all one in the same and should behave accordingly if we truly wish to be more Godly. Leaving I behind is the

Rich in Years: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life

Why shouldn’t growing older be rewarding? Johann Christoph Arnold, whose books have helped over a million readers through life’s challenges, wants us to rediscover the spiritual riches that age has to offer. Now in his seventies, Arnold finds himself personally facing the trials that come with aging. But he knows, from decades of pastoral experience, what

How to Be Free By Joe Blow

How can we free ourselves from mental suffering? How can we unlock what the poet William Blake referred to as “the mind-forged manacles” – those unhelpful, unfounded and inflexible habits of thought which keep us from reaching our true creative potential? Download  

Muscle Memory – Alexander Hope

Tired of sitting back and watching others get all of the rewards in life? Start a powerful program of self-improvement today. If you must watch four hours of television a night, take advantage of the many advertisements that occupy forty percent of what ever programs you are watching, Do your Muscle Memory exercises during the

Awakening Imagination – Neville Goddard

Everything is geared towards the awakening of the imagination. I doubt if there is any subject on which clear thinking is more rare than the imagination. The word itself is made to serve all kinds of ideas. many of them directly opposed to one another. But here this morning I hope to convince you that

How To Attract Abundance by Michael Lee

Negative thinking is a sneaky little enemy which silently steals its way into a man’s consciousness and, like a thief at night, steals not his purse, but robs him of that power which makes him poor indeed. It is a sinister and destructive influence that works night and day to prey on a man’s soul.

Your Life The Popular Guide to Desirable Living

Your greatest asset in the world today is your personality. The rich man is unhappy because of the lack of it; the poor man is convinced he would make good if he possessed it. Women, in particular, realize its golden value, for it more than compensates for any handicap, including lack of beauty. Download Here

Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Learn how to create immediate income now. The key is not how you increase your income. There are hundreds or thousands of legal, ethical ways one can make more money. The real key is creating the belief you can do it and then turning that belief into a certainty. Once you have that, you can

Just Don’t Turn Around – Yan Bielek

The sometimes heart-wrenching, and always inspiring, story of an ordinary family living an ordeal of daily life in communist-stricken Czechoslovakia including their seven-month stay in an Austrian refugee camp while they secretly planned their future including a journey to a new life in the USA. Download  

Neville’s Lectures Volume Seven, 25 Lectures

Every Neville Goddard’s lectures collected from all over the internet, in Chronology form for the first time in history, gathered, sorted, carefully dated, and arranged in chronology form of Neville’s work from 1948 to 1972, with various undated lectures collected for the final volume. All lectures Edited and Proofread to reflect my background in Australian